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A Working Man's Credo Cover

Ross Johnson’s enlightening collection of essays is now available as an ebook for Kindle (through Amazon) and iPad (Smashwords) and through Smashwords’ print-on-demand service.

A retired surgeon, Ross’s take on Christianity from a physician’s viewpoint is challenging and refreshing and designed to provoke discussion. Please join the conversation here and through the Amazon response page:

Event Chef Australia logo

Watch for Aaron Roussos’s ambitious project Event Chef Australia which will build on his vast experience staging large-scale hospitality functions and events. The project will incorporate information, education and entertainment and we’ve just finished editing Aaron’s first book – a good read indeed.

Chinese Whispers cover for website

We were privileged to be involved in the production of the RAAF Chinese Linguists’ memoir Chinese Whispers in time for the group’s 2013 reunion. Author Jim Wilson is working on another book on China which we hope to see towards the end of this year.

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