Television production:

With experience in front of and behind the camera, we’re competent operators in the genres of documentary, news and sport. We can access a full team for edited delivery.


We’ve spent many years researching for our own commentary and providing detailed background information for a multitude of purposes.

Writing and re-writing:

We have created production proposals through to complete scripts for film and video. We continue to work as speech-writers and have contributed feature magazine articles for local and national press.

Script Editing:

Working collaboratively with creative teams, we continue our involvement in the post-production process through script editing for local and international teams.

Oral History:

We can teach you interviewing and editing techniques for audio and video projects. We can help you complete your projects or undertake field work on your behalf.

Book Production:

Turn your manuscript into a printed or electronic book. We can walk you through the processes.

If you’d like to discuss your project, please use the contact form below:

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